Hola Amigo, course dates are set!


Monday 24th to wednesday 26th of Mars. 2.5 days
Wednesday 26th to friday 28th of Mars. 2.5 days

Both courses will be followed one after another, so you can go both courses if you like to get it all.

Are the Interactive Tribe

A tribe of mobile and responsive experts, from all the corners of the world.

The tribe consist of mobile loving people that are experts in mobile development, responsive design, user experience and deployment process to "mobile app" stores.

Our mission is to mobilize the world, helping companies making state of the art apps and mobile websites. We do this by bringing together teams for each case of experts no matter of location, that will bring the best result for the actual case.

Current running project

We are working on a innovating project for the Real estate brokers in Holland.
We are developing web, cross-platform phone app (Android/iOS) and Pad/Tablet app, that connects to the clients data, import images and set all needed texts and locations (map) for the clients houses they are selling.
This app also handles notifications when new houses are available depending on the profile you have chosen, for example price range, location.
The brokers can "edit" the content of the app on line and push information.
Contact us on ”info@interactivetribe.com” if you are a Broker and you would like the same product.

Our values

We only look at skills and passion of profession. Working with the best, that is our reputation.

As a team we walk the extra mile, and exceed our expectations.

Open minded and multicultural make us grow as persons and experts.

Respect for each other, for the client, for humanity and ourselves.

Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give.

Always happy clients

Apps, native or cross-platform and awesome responsive mobile websites

We take your mobile app, responsive website to the next level

We are not just another mobile web development company, we walk beyond that. We even assist existing companies that develop apps to make them better.

We give courses in how to develop the best way. How to increase the User Experience. Guide you through the process in getting your app approved in the different app stores.

Just drop us a line, in early 2014, we will launch courses, workshops and give a way a ton of code, just because we care and want to mobilize the world.

html5 ios android


We are always on the hunt for the best of the best mobile, responsive and UX experts.
Feel free to contact us and impress us with your awesome projects. Always send links of your work.
You can live any where in the world, because internet is our office, we have people from all the world working with us.

Speakers & Lecturers

Are you a star within UX/Design and Development and want to share your know how? Then send us a line, we would love to have you in one of our events in Norway, Holland or Israel. If you are in any country visiting just ping us and we can invite you for lunch.
We pay for travel, living and speaker fee.


Awesome freelancers within UX/Design, native and cross platform mobile developers, web responsive developers and all related type of creative humble artists. You can live any where on planet earth, internet is our office anyways.

Join our meetup group for freelancers if you live in Oslo: Freelancer Oslo


January wednesday 22th 2014 - Oslo, Norway


Mars monday 24th to friday 28th 2014 - Oslo, Norway

This course gives you the latest and best practice know how for designing and developing mobile apps.
The course is divided into two modules. "Design, UX, Trends for mobile" and "Development, frameworks for cross-platform mobile apps."

Guest speakers:

Uri Goldshtein (Israel), Mobile application development expert

Stefan Leijon (Sweden), Creative director

This course will give you a head start on the latest and greatest in mobile web development, and practice those in action.

Guest speakers:

Robin Klein Schiphorst (Holland), UX & Responsive design expert for mobile & web

And other guest speakers in AngularJS and Release store process

The Tribe supports, like and want you to check this out!

What is the Buzz about?

AngularJS Fundamentals In 60-ish Minutes

A cool cat named Brad Frost

Future Friendly Web Design.

The Peace Tube project

What would you do if you had the chance to make a difference? Visit website: www.ThePeaceTube.com

Revolution OS

Tells the inside story of the hackers and computer programmers who started it all.

Speak with the Tribe

Locations: Israel - Norway - Holland

Absolutely! Even if you develop yourself, it does not mean you will pass the strict rules of the stores.

Actaully we don't have a prefered choice, it all deppends of what kind of app you want. So we can't tell you what to use, but we can for sure guide you in what would be best for your organization.

We are always looking for the best mobile expertes world wide. And if you share our values, just drop us a line. We have local Tribe members you can take a dinner with IRL in France, Holland, Israel and Norway.

First courses are planed to be in Mars, we can't say exact date right now. Next workshop is in Oslo Norway, also final date is not set, but it will in be January in Oslo Norway and one in February Amsterdam Holland.

Our Contact Details

Drop us a line, we would love to help you out.